Any Event - Marathon Medal Frame

Any Event - Marathon Medal Frame


Looking for a great marathon running gift? Our classic marathon medal frame shows the route of the marathon with the ability to add a medal and personalise the text. We take a street map and cut the route from the streets and create a mini frame to mount your marathon medal. We mount this in a custom made grey mount and frame it as standard. It is a wonderful memento of the day when you ran your marathon. With space to mount your marathon finishers medal it is the perffect way to remember the run.

When we say any marathon we mean any marathon, as long as we can find the route we can make the map. With the ability to personalise your running gift, it makes a unique runners present. Options available (when adding to basket):

Framing - Framed (Black or White)
Sizing - A3
Colours - Tan map, Teal route and highlight colour.
Personalised Text - 2 lines available
Medal holder - Yes
Runners Photo - Please see our Medal & Photo Frame
Orientation - What best suits your route

All our artworks are precision cut using an industry leading laser cutter to ensure even the smallest details of you marathon are created. All framed and encased in plexiglass to keep your marathon finishers print beautifully radiant for years to come.

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