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So what is PHOME?

Well we like to think of ourselves as a little place on the internet where you can find and personalise homeware items. We like to call it phomeware, hence the name p{ersonalised} home. It was going to be P.HOME (with a dot), but the internet is a strange place and the {dot] seems to confuse the super computers. So we are just PHOME.

Where did PHOME concept come from?

Well it started with a love of design, the PHOME household was an eclectic collection of  items that had been purchased from small independent design stores from around the globe. I guess the frustration in that there are some pretty nice things that you can buy for your house, but as much as it should be a compliment when people copy your style it's also a little frustrating.. So wouldn't it be great if you could take a great bit of design and have the ability to put your own stamp on it. And this is where the PHOME concept came from.


Where do PHOME products come from?

We are proud to be in the UK and produce everything in our London facility. We try to import as little as we can, but as want to provide you with the best products we possibly can, some of our raw materials do come from outside the UK. We believe that quality matters and want to provide our customers with beautiful items that will last.