Your Delivery Cost is too high

We are sorry that you feel this way if you have a few moments we may be able to help you understand why we charge what we do.

As a small business we don’t have the luxury of heavy discounting from postal delivery companies as we aren’t shipping ten of thousands of parcels a week. We do not make any money from our postage and packaging costs. As the majority of items we send are framed gifts for people we want to ensure that all items are handled with care and know from experience that shipping with cheaper providers they aren’t always handled as carefully as they should. While your new t-shirt won’t mind if it’s stood on, thrown or generally given abuse our frames are a bit less forgiving. As a result, we only ship via providers who will insure fragile items.

Orders inisde the UK

Your delivery cost is actually a combination of post, packaging and production priority cost. What do we mean by this well we have to pay the postal company for the delivery service, but also the time and packaging materials (boxes, bubble wrap labels). Finally, if you have chosen one of our paid for delivery services you are actually paying to skip all the orders in front of you. While some customers are happy to wait if there is a pending birthday you are paying a proportion to skip those orders in front of you. Please remember all our items are made to order by hand.

Orders outside the UK

We aim to be as competitive as we can with our pricing, we do not make any money from our postage and packaging costs. We are simply passing on the best prices we have using trusted delivery partners.

Orders to Ireland

Many of our customers opt to use “Parcel Motels” to reduce delivery costs as items are shipped to a virtual address in Northern Ireland (so benefit from UK rates). We cannot vouch for the quality of these services, but it is an option.


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